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or more than 30 years, ACCRESCIS’ partners have been working closely with pharmaceutical companies, offering excellence and quality consultancy for M&A and business development.

Our valuable commercial, technical and regulatory knowledge allowed us to achieve an excellent market positioning, providing effective, dynamic and timely strategic solutions to our customers, in accordance with current market requirements.

Our broad Latin American contact network, together with a comprehensive list of successful M&A deals, enable us to offer top consulting services for acquisitions, business development or reorganization projects.

Leaders in pharma M&A in LatAm, we provided consulting services to key capital investment projects in the region.


  • Adrián A. Fagioli
    Adrián A. Fagioli Managing Partner

    Started in the pharmaceutical industry in 1978, working in commercial areas of important national companies. In 1989 he founded Asphar Consulting S.A. along with Roberto Brogno and Alejandro Fagioli, a company that positioned itself as the most important regulatory, technical and commercial consultant in the region. In these years, Adrian specialized in regulatory affairs and strategic business. Nowadays he is co-founder of Accrescis.

  • Roberto N. Brogno
    Roberto N. Brogno Managing Partner

    Started professionally in important banks and investment entities of the country, obtaining key positions within the financial market. In 1989 he founded Asphar Consulting S.A. along with Adrian and Alejandro Fagioli, reference consultants in regulatory affairs, validations and strategic businesses. Nowadays he is co-founder of Accrescis.

  • Pablo Fagioli
    Pablo Fagioli Managing Partner

    Started in 1992 in the health care industry and after working in the retail segment, in 1998 began in Asphar Consulting in Strategic Business. Professional with strong experience in mergers and acquisitions, business negotiations, project evaluation and market research. Nowadays he is co-founder of Accrescis.

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